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Dig With It is a magazine about music, arts and counterculture. You can order the current issue and back issues here.

It is made in Belfast. It celebrates the writers, the players and alternative noisemakers. It admires punk rock, poetry, challenging art, street politics and keen expression.

Dig With It takes its name from a Seamus Heaney poem about the primacy of the pen. The magazine took shape in early 2020. It is an act of faith – the belief that creativity can make a difference.

The core team is Stuart Bailie (former Assistant Editor of NME, author of Trouble Songs, co-founder of the Oh Yeah Music Centre) and Betsy Bailie (Graphic Designer and Manchester School of Art design graduate).

Stuart Bailie says: “In an era of falling print sales, it might seem foolish to put out a magazine. But it felt like a vital idea in January 2020 and it feels even more important now. We’re surrounded by immense art and stories that aren’t being told. So, we dig away.”

Betsy Bailie says: “I’ve grown up in the local music scene. I’ve been a teenage photographer, blogger and musician. I’m glad at the chance to use my design skills to create a wonderful magazine to show the love I have for the scene.”

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